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Robert Poole Senior - Adrian's presumptive 5x Grt Grandfather is buried just inside the priests' door of the chancel.



Sadly his will has vanished, so the only evidence that we have that he is a very great grandad is that he had a son called John born in the right year. 


Martha lived until October 1788, when she features in the Parish burial record, but although the bottom half of the slab had been left blank, her name was not added so maybe she was not tipped in here.




St Martin's is also home to this interesting and very old four sided font - on this side the baptism of Jesus (that's a dove on his head), on the other faces the nativity, the Magi and (of course) Adam 'n Eve.  And the font is in a well lit central west position with plenty of space around it. 







St George's Day (23 April), and the Utility Saint's flag flies above St George's Church, Saham Toney where Adrian's presumptive 5x Grt Grandparents Robert Poole Snr (1692 - 1749 (57)) and  Martha Wright were married on 14 October 1723.  It's a much more memorable building than Fincham!






For us, the most perfect of our family churches in Norfolk / Suffolk




9x grt grandmother Grace Aldous (Matchet) (1571 - 1651 (80)) was buried here in Latin on 15 Jul 1651



 7xgrt grandmother Ann(a) Neech (to be Whiting) was christened here (also in Latin) on 23 Jan 1666–67





The church of St Mary the Virgin has a richly carved  porch.  Though all the painted statues have long since gone, an Annunciation scene is still in place over the main door arch.  In this detail the backup group for the Annunciator arc-angel blow away on their swarms, whilst the arc-angel has put on his best "elf trimmed" tunic for the occasion .......



and on the other side the Annunciatee, Mary, sits demurely alongside a couple of props - her angels playing violin ancestors.




Above the porch the main player is a woodsman.







St Mary, Rushall (Norfolk) - A beautifully simple little church where, on 5 November 1627, George Aldous and Ann Saier (Adrian's 8x grt grandparents) were married.  And next door in Half Moon Rd is a good Farm shop!







Carnaby Strutt buried 16 March 1767, wife Sarah buried 21 May 1771. 




And inside this little round towered church is this amazing double hammer beam roof. 








William Whiting m Eliz Wiseman of Pulham St Mary here on 26 Sep 1654.

Alex Strutt m Mary Salmon here on 20 Jun 1756.  Alex Strutt bu 29 Oct 1771, Mary bu 4 Mar 1790 - no gravestones survive.







From 1787 John Poole was paying poor rates on "The Old House", still there (and for sale) in May 2014 on half an acre plus near the Magpie Hotel and the old Harleston chapel / market area.  The recessed windows on the right were probably the shopfront for the (Poole) drapers shop.  Round about the end of the 1800s John Poole moved his family to a house in Mendham (location unknown) but the Drapery kept on in the Old House.





Link to map of the Poole / Aldous Graves in St Mary Redenhall and the Aldous Family Bible Register


Aldous / Poole family graves and memorial inscriptions in St Mary, Redenhall



4xgrts James Aldous and Martha Whiting were married here on 6 August 1782.

Their son James Aldous was church warden for 36 years from 1819.




Back in 2011 the church undertook a major project to clear old graves and record their inscriptions



There are several other Aldous and Poole graves in this group - sadly they have all been recaptured by nature since these photos were taken.





More photos of the Starston Aldous / Whiting graves and their inscriptions




On the right - Vault tomb of James Aldous Snr and Martha (Whiting)



Looking the other way from the graves of Martha's parents and infant siblings



Abigail the matriarch has fallen over and sunk (left), her son Charles Whiting is mid right and daughter Martha Aldous is in the vault (right)



SUFFOLK      (back up to NORFOLK)







Another round tower - this is where John Poole's first wife Elizabeth (Bond) (c1744 - 1773 (29)) was buried after her early death in August 1773, to be joined in early 1812 by John (1742 - 1812 (70)) himself.  John's second wife - Sarah Strutt (1758-1836 (78)) - Adrian's 4x Grt Grandmother, later chose to be buried in St Mary, Redenhall, becoming the founder member of the group of Aldous and Poole graves there. 


After our brief 2014 visit we learned through research done by Peter Richardson that the Poole's slab grave was alongside the south chancel wall immediately to the west of the priest's door, about as close to getting inside as possible. Datewise the Poole slab was the last to be squeezed in to the row of slabs on the west side of the path to the door ! 



Its inscription read / reads


Elizabeth wife of John Poole 10th August 1773 aged 29
Said John Poole 20th January 1812 aged 70


Maybe, just maybe, this was a favourite "Poole spot" because the vault slab for John's presumptive father Robert is just inside the priests' door of the church of St Martin, Fincham (see top of page).









Whiting country, and this time, with the help of sister Angela, we unexpectedly found Whiting graves via a grave directory in the church ..... then with the help of Aldous historian Peter Richardson, this information was improved further .....



No legible writing has survived on the upright gravestones.  Just a few words (including "Whiting") on the slab



Information in the grave directory in the church - "Transcription of the monumental inscriptions in St Mary’s Church, Homersfield, by the Lowestoft Group of the Suffolk Family History Society, June 2005".


It looks like they also relied on previous surveys, as these graves have not been readable for some time!



Further information from a report by Gerald E Lawson of Beccles in February 1931 which in turn relied on work carried out by “Davey, the Suffolk antiquarian” in 1830.  This record of the Homersfield MIs can be found in Microfilm J562/45 in the Suffolk Record Office





front row, slab on left


Here under lieth inter’d / the body of Anne Whiting / who departed this life / 6th February 1730 / aged 72


James WHITING 6 Feb 1728 age 72


Grave originally was “table mon. low red brick with freestone cover” but now only the slab lying flat & broken in 3 remains.


Later note - the centre piece of the slab was replaced upside down!


James Whiting 7xgrt grandfather of Adrian, and father of John and Elizabeth.


front row, centre


In Memory of Ann? the / wife remainder illegible

Ann (Neech) wife of James WHITING 2 June? 1729 age 63


Date was ? Jan 1729-30


Ann Whiting 7xgrt grandmother of Adrian, and mother of John and Elizabeth.



front row right hand stone



In Memory of / Elizabeth wife of / Jabez Whiting / who departed this life / remainder illegible


Elizab wife of Jabez WHITING 21 Apr 1754 age 59

Elizabeth was also a Whiting - John's sister and Jabez's first cousin. 


second row left hand stone



Here / lieth ye body of / John Whiting / who departed his life / Ma ……


John WHITING 11 May 1729 age 40


John Whiting, son of James and Ann, and 6xgrt grandfather of Adrian.  His wife Abigail and sons John (5xgrt)  and Charles are buried in St Margaret, Starston.




MENDHAM   All Saints   (SUFFOLK)




Where John Poole's daughter Harriette married James Aldous in 1809, and daughter Martha married Dr Clarke Abel (later FRS) in 1810.







where John Poole signed his name on the flyleaf of a book on pigeons published in 1765












12x grt grandfather William Aldous was christened here in 1450ish and went on to marry Johane Warner from Wingfield here in 1477, be church warden in 1493, and finally he was buried here in 1531 (just before the Church of England was invented).  The old Guildhall building which bounds the south churchyard was built in William's lifetime - c1507.




Photos in the Green Room





Photos in the Green Room




Danger!  Frogs lying in wait on the road to Redgrave







Abigail Musk married John Whiting here (or at Horham) in 1723




Next to the altar are the Duke of Suffolk (John de la Pole, bu 1491) and his wife Elizabeth Plantagenet (1444 - c1503 (59)) sister of Edward IV and Richard III.  Both figures were originally painted. 




Photos in the Green Room





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No family links for us here - this is the resited mausoleum of the Howards after they had to beat an undignified retreat from Thetford Priory being as how Henry VIII was closing the latter and not showing the Howards (Dukes of Norfolk and England's leading Roman Catholic family) much sympathy.  This is the tomb of Henry Howard (Earl of Surrey) (c1517 - 1547 (30)) and his good wife Francis (de Vere).




Henry gets an impressive golden lion as a foot guard, whilst




Frances gets a woaded boar .....









John Poole married his first wife - Elizabeth Bond - here in Bramford on 24 January 1769.  They lived in Harleston, but she died just 4 1/2 years and 3 babies later.





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