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Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex


Suffolk & Norfolk


Mereworth in Kent




West Country (this page)

last updated 12 May 2014


West Yorkshire



Somerton (Somerset)



 Old Bell House (Sproule / Fletcher home in the late 1940s)



St Michael and all Angels



Taunton (Somerset) - Saint Mary Magdalene was the Locke family church in the 1600s and 1700s




A dramatic church of angels, accompanied by the soft chatter of people in the west nave café



9xgrt grandfather -  Lewis Locke, bu here 27 Mar 1692 - had 35 children by 4 wives

7xgrt Allen Locke jnr m Susanna Elworthy here 20 Nov 1730

6xGrt Thos Locke snr snr m Amey Warren here 1 June 1757

5xgrt Thos Locke snr Ch here 19 Feb 1760 - his son Capt Thomas Locke found 3 wives, numerous children, and a career in the invalids section of the Madras Army



Back down to Rick Stein's in Padstow (Cornwall)






Just the First Night Starter (really)



Saint Menefreda (aka Minver), on the other side of the estuary to Padstow




The spire was not so bendy in 1675 when George and Anna got married, 15 years after the monarchy had been reinstated in the person of Charles II




Looking west towards a letter of gratitude sent by King Charles I (1600 - 1625 - 1649 (49)) in 1643




7x Grt Grandparents George deMountfryart and Anna Howard's marriage here on 24 February is squeezed in to

the St Menefreda register as the last record for 1675/76




Ssssh - bird praying



From Adrian's direct (*) ancestor line here is how George and St Menefreda fit in: 


- Adrian Fletcher* (1943 -    )

- Col Michael Fletcher* (1918 - 2007 (89)) (British Army) and Peggy Sproule (1917 - 2005 (88))

- Ethel Fletcher* (Burton) (1890 - 1968 (78)) (c Madras) and Dr Frank Rex ("Jimmy") Fletcher (1890 - 1974 (84))

- "Gem" Burton (Middlecoat)* (1871 - 1953 (82)) and Lt Col John Adolphus Burton (1854 - 1924 (69)) (Indian Medical Service)

- Col Francis Middlecoat* (1839 - 1922 (83)) (Madras Army) and Mary Henrietta Locke (1850 - 1928 (78))

- Capt George Middlecoat* (1802 - 1845 (43)) (Madras Artillery) and Susannah Palmer Middlecoat (Hampton) (1808 - 1870 (61))

- Nicholas Middlecoat jnr* (1752 - 1844 (92)) (Tregony Political Agent & All Round Rogue) and Ruth Middlecoat (Hambly) (1760 - 1825 (64))

- Jane Middlecoat* (Saunders) (1721 - 1801 (83)) and Nicholas Middlecoat snr (1718 - 1801 (83)) (Tailor)

- Elizabeth Saunders* (Demountfryart) (1692 - 1730 (38)) and Aaron Saunders (1696 - ?) (Tregony Joiner)


- Dr George Demountfryart* (1652 - 1717 (65)) (Physician and 5 times Bodmin Mayor - 1691, 1694, 1700, 1712, & 1716) and Anna Demountfryart (Howard) (c1655 - 1722), were married in the church of St Menefreda across the river from Rick Stein's place on 24 February 1675-76.  Adrian's 7xGrt Grandparents.    Link to more about Dr George from our 2011 road trip


- John Demonfryart* (1627 - ? ) and Mary ( ? ) ( ? - ? )

- Dr Vinsent Demonfryart* (c1600 - 1652 (52)) (Bodmin Physician) and Jone Demountfryart ( ? )  (? - 1642)



St Nonna "The Cathedral of the (Bodmin) Moors" in the village of Altarnun, Cornwall


More about the Church of St Nonna






The church cross, about the same age as Nonna




A church full of natural light - the Norman font stands guard over 79 bench end panels carved by one Robart Daye between 1510 and 1530




Robart Daye signs off his 1510 - 1530 masterworks







The medieval bridge carrying the 6ft wide main drag to the church gate



All Saints Church, East Budleigh, Devon


Link to a fascinating article about the 1500s bench ends in All Saints in the context of the times of the early Tudors







This carving on a cloth merchant’s pew contains elements of the arms of the Company of Weavers and Fullers of Exeter




St Nicholas, Studland, Dorset


Hardly the West Country, but we took the opportunity of returning from the west to divert to this out of the way very old and internally beautiful little church - with corbels!





These three ladies live on one of the south nave corbel tables - on the left is a pretty gross sheela, in the middle an exhibitionist maybe, and on the right a tonguey lady who is clearly glad to see you ....





But the corbel pièce de résistance is undoubtedly this couple, partly hidden over the porch roof






St Nicholas is a popular marriage place, and you can see why!



The Tank Museum - Bovington, Dorset




The only WW I Mk 2 tank left in the world




Birthday present for Dad





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